I am happy to discuss opportunities for graduate study if you contact me by email well before the application deadline (January 31). In general, I can supervise any proposal involving my core research areas, but prospective students should be aware that most funding (required for admission to our program) is tied closely to my current research grants. For fall 2019, I am seeking a master's student (or possibly doctoral student) to work on a new project examining ethnic/racial identity in political representation in Canada and the U.S. The research includes both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Background in political geography, political science, and/or ethnic/racial studies is required. Some quantitative background and/or knowledge of French would be helpful but is not essential. Funding will be available pending the outcome of my SSHRC proposal.

You should send me:

I am unlikely to respond to email inquires if you do not send these materials.

Prospective applicants should be aware that university funding, particularly for non-Canadian students, is extremely limited, and that most funding must come from either external fellowships (SSHRC, FQRSC, etc.) or my research grants. Consequently, students should plan to work closely on one of my funded projects, or should have a substantial external fellowship. Such funding is a requirement for admission to the department. See the information here about funding.

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